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MUSES9-MS, Ultra Broad Range Multispectral Imaging Camera 365-1700nm

Shedding new light to nondestructive analysis with a dual sensor, ultrawide band (365-1700nm) spectral imager

MUSES9-MS spectral camera addresses the need for combining spectral information from UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR, as a means for advancing the imaging and analytical capabilities of spectral imaging. Spectral imaging in this ultrawide spectral range has been proved to be very informative in a broad range of applications. Satellite cameras (AVIRIS, SENTINEL I & II) is a typical example of spectral imagers covering such a broad spectral range, with certain imaging bands being dedicated to specific identification/quantification targets.

Unlike satellite imaging, commercial spectral cameras are dedicated to operate within certain fractions of the 365-1700nm range, due to the restricted spectral sensitivity range of the available imaging sensor chips. This implies that more than one spectral imager is required if one wants to cover this wavelength range. However, this option is very costly, is of high volume and weight and the direct comparison of the spectral imaging data is far from being a straightforward process.  

MUSES9-MS is an all in one, dual sensor spectral camera operating in the 365-1700nm spectral range. It effectively addresses the demand for an integrated, low cost, volume and weight, enabling the direct comparative analysis of the acquired, information-rich dataset.



MUSES9-MS imaging unit can be configured to operate with either one sensor (silicon or InGaAs) or with both sensors to cover the entire spectral range 365-1700nm. The camera integrates a spectral band tuning mechanism for selecting or for fully automatic scanning of up to 12 spectral bands. The camera comes with standard and configurable versions. All images captured in this ultrawide spectral range are sharply focused via an internal autofocusing mechanism. 

Besides sharp focusing, all images collected by both sensors are perfectly co-registered and calibrated, thus comprising a perfectly preconditioned data set for subsequent analyses.


Value proposition

MUSES9-MS spectral imager empowers researchers and professionals with an advanced imaging and analytical tool, with the following distinct advantages:

MUSES9-MS sensitivity spans the UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR (365-1700nm) spectral range, allowing for the detection and identification materials, by exploiting and combining a variety of light-mater interaction phenomena, occurring in this ultrawide spectral range. For example, water is largely transparent in the VIS-NIR band, but it strongly absorbs light in the 1450nm spectral band, thus providing a means for moisture assessment.    

The standard version of MUSES9-MS imager comprises a dual sensor, 12 bands configuration. However, the camera is built upon a modular design, allowing for the customization of both spectral range and spectral band number and options. Popular customizations include hardware configurations mimicking satellite cameras for land remote sensing, or configurations suitable for the nondestructive analysis of objects of artistic and historic value. We also offer reduced versions equipped with a single sensor, different band numbers and sensors’ resolution options.

The ultrawide operation spectral range is accommodated with one standard (uncorrected) lens, thus ensuring sharply focused and co-registered images across the entire range. This way, the direct comparison, the post processing of calibrated images and the pixel-level spectral extraction is enabled.


System Configurations and Accessories

MUSES9-MS is configurable to operate with airborne platforms, offering full frame, real-time color, spectral and spectral mapping data transmission and display @ 25 Mbps and 5km range
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera, spectral range 365-1700nm
Muses9-MS installed on a desktop stand with broadband light sources
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera, spectral range 365-1700nm
Muses9-MS on photographic tripod for field applications
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera, spectral range 365-1700nm
Two branch light source. Emitting broadband light (UV, VIS, SWIR)

Video & photo gallery

Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera Infrared Imaging, Cultural Heritage, Fine Arts, Artwork, Archaeology, Paintings
MUSES9-MS Infrared Imaging
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera Fluorescence Imaging, Cultural Heritage, Fine Arts, Artwork, Archaeology, Paintings
MUSES9-MS Fluorescence Imaging
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera SWIR Imaging, Food ripening, food quality, food health, agriculture
Muses9-MS Multispectral Imaging Camera SWIR Imaging, Food ripening, food quality, food health, agriculture


  • Spectral range: 365-1000nm or 1000-1700nm or both
  • Filter’s light throughput: 94% (polarization independent) 
  • Spectral bands: up to 12 (configurable)
  • Full spectral cube scanning time: ~30s
  • Spectral image display: video rate 
  • Spatial resolution/band: 6megapixels
  • Number of spectra per spectral cube: 6 million
  • Camera interface: USB3.0  
  • Mechanical scanning: not required 
  • Adaptability: F-mount or C-mount thread
  • Calibration: automatic
  • Chromatic aberrations: fully corrected, all images are sharply focused 
  • Software: supervised and unsupervised classifiers, spectral and VI mapping
  • Modes of operation: Transmission, reflection, fluorescence
  • Weight: 1,3 kg   


Airborne Remote sensing

Agriculture and forestry

Artwork analysis and archaeology 


Small, lab animal imaging

Food, plastic and mineral sorting

Solar panel inspection

Water content imaging 

Inspection metal coating

Chemical Imaging 


Thermal imaging (over 300o)  

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