Company profile

Spectricon was founded in 2016 with the mission of inventing, developing and marketing game-changing solutions in hyperspectral Imaging and in multimodal high throughput microscopy. The Company has succeeded to develop a topnotch pipeline of tunable filter-based and snapshot hyperspectral imaging systems, removing the trade-off of traditional push-broom technologies and expanding their use from desktop to field/hand-held applications. 

Spectricon has also succeeded to develop the world’s first high-throughput screening microscope operating, in a fully automated fashion, in a long list of novel imaging modalities. Both hyperspectral imagers and multimodal high throughput microscopy add several new dimensions of information. Integrated machine learning/AI-based software platforms exploit the acquired, information-rich image data set to provide chemical and composition mapping, non-destructively in a long list of demanding applications. 


Two Sales and Marketing Executives 

We are looking for two sales and marketing executives with reasonable experience in direct and indirect (social media) sales experience of scientific instruments, preferably in imaging systems. The candidates need to demonstrate excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and experience working with and managing external agencies. We are looking for proactive and dynamic individuals capable of engaging and inspiring our high caliber clientele. 

Optics - Photonics - Imaging Specialists   

We want to hire engineers or physicists with specialization in the broad filed of Optics, Photonics and Imaging. The candidates need to demonstrate high-level skills in hardware engineering and/or experimental electro-optics and/or spectroscopy and/or imaging/sensor hardware and/or in related fields. An additional essential requirement is the ability to combine lab work and application development working with a broad spectrum of disciplines. Candidates need also to demonstrate excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.  

Spectricon is located in Chania, Crete-a lively university and touristic island. Spectricon' s premises are minutes away from outstanding beaches, sea sports activities and fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, biking. Chania has a perfect climate and it is a perfect place to leave and work in a friendly, creative and open environment. 

Please send a CV in info@spectricon.com