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At Spectricon, our purpose is to innovate towards advancing mainstream technologies of hyperspectral imaging, while at the same time making them simple, portable and smart. Our consistent belief, and source of inspiration, is that a wealth of new benefits to our society is still to come by further developing this fascinating technology along this direction.

Besides further developing mainstream aspects of hyperspectral imaging, we combine its principles with fluorescence, polarimetry/birefringence analytical techniques and with robotic engineering to automate analyses of massive sample populations. We have invented and patented novel multimodal, fully automated, high content screening concepts and microscopes for a variety of demanding applications.

Our company has received several distinctions for its accomplishments. For example, our SMMART hyperspectral, multimodal microscope for forensic traces identification and enumeration has been ranked first in a pan-European tender and has achieved several installations in leading European forensics institutes. We have also achieved several installations of our spectral cameras in high profile institutions in USA, Europe and Asia. 

Spectricon was founded in 2016 by Prof. Costas Balas. The team has more than a century of cumulative experience in developing innovative and commercially successful hyperspectral imaging cameras, systems and high-profile applications.

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Spectricon is located in Chania,Crete.

A lively university and touristic island.

Spectricon’ s premises are minutes away from outstanding beaches, sea sports activities and fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, biking. Chania has a perfect climate and it is a perfect place to leave and work in a friendly, creative and open environment. 

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