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MUSES9-SnS, Ultra HD Video Rate, Snapshot Spectral Mapping Camera 400-1000nm, Hyperspectral, Multispectral

The world’s first 4K, video rate snapshot spectral imager and real time spectral mapper.

How would you define the ideal hyperspectral imager? you would agree that it shall acquire all spectral images instantly and at video rates and display all of them, together with the result of their analysis, i.e., spectral classification maps, in real-time!   

Pushing the limits of what is possible in imaging science, Spectricon made this happen! MUSES9-SnS is the world’s first hyperspectral imager acquiring hypercube image packs at video rate and displaying both spectral images and classification maps side-by side and in real-time. 

There is no tradeoff between spectral and spatial resolution, with the later reaching 4K levels! 



The MUSES9-SnS Snapshot spectral map viewer has come to revolutionize the field of snapshot hyper/multi-spectral imaging, by effectively implementing a new concept that removes the historical tradeoff between spatial resolution, spectral resolution and processing time.  

State-of-the-art snapshot spectral imagers are increasingly attracting the interest of the imaging community because they can acquire hypercube data instantly. As such, they are suitable for live multi/hyper spectral inspection, supporting handheld set ups. However, current commercial snapshot spectral imagers offer high spectral resolution at the cost of spatial resolution. Typical spatial resolutions offered by these systems are quite low, being in the range of 400X400 pixels. This is because they employ either lens arrays of multiband mosaic filter arrays, projecting a plurality of filtered images onto an imaging sensor, thus dividing accordingly its effective area into several portions dedicated to specific spectral bands. This way, there is always trade-off between spectral and spatial resolution.

The MUSES9-SnS innovative technology combines the real-time acquisition of a sufficient set of 4K level spectral images, with an AI-based spectral estimation technique to compose a full hypercube cube, without compromising spectral or spatial resolution. Advanced ultrafast spectral classification runs is parallel with the video rate acquisition, ending up to displaying supervised or unsupervised classification maps in real time. 


System Configurations and Accessories

MUSES9-SnS is configurable to operate with airborne platforms, offering full frame, real-time color,
spectral and spectral mapping data transmission and display @ 25 Mbps and 5km range
MUSES9-SnS, Ultra HD Video Rate, Snapshot Spectral Mapping Camera 400-1000nm, Hyperspectral, Multispectral Imaging
SnS with ring light

Value proposition

MUSES9-SnS stands clearly ahead the completion as it combines high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution. It is the ideal solution for applications requiring live spectral image and spectral mapping inspection, while, at the same time, offering ultrahigh definition (UHD)-level image information. Indicative competitive advantages of MUSES9-SnS are listed below:    

Typical commercial snapshot imagers offer about 400X400 spatial resolution. MUSES9-SnS offers UHD/4K image resolution for every spectral image acquired. This radically improved spectral resolution is a valuable advantage, since it enables the precise documentation of the object/scene under analysis and the image zooming without pixelization. Moreover, it offers large field of view coverage and hence remarkably fewer capturing and data transmission steps, which are of critical importance when large areas are analyzed (e.g., drone imaging).     

MUSES9-SnS captures and transmits, at video-rates, a sufficient number of raw, UHD critical spectral images. The hypercube is constructed from these raw images and from an additional image pack derived from the on-line or off-line spectral estimation, with all spectral images being evenly distributed across the spectrum. Spectral estimation-based hypercube’s dimensionality expansion dramatically reduces the requirements for both storage space and bandwidth.     

In all commercial snapshot spectral imagers, analysis/classification of hypercube data is performed at post capturing times and are not instantly available in the field. MUSES9-SnS has the additional exceptional feature of delivering the entire pipeline: acquisition, capturing, visualization and analysis in real-time. Not only the hypercube data are acquired and displayed in real-time, but also the result of the analysis of hypercube data. Spectricon has invested several years of pioneering R&D to achieve this result, which advances hyperspectral imaging to a spectral visualization tool, offering non destructive analysis on the spot and instantly.    



  • Spectral range: 400-1000nm
  • Light throughput of spectral dispersion optics: 96% (polarization independent) 
  • Spectral bands: up to 24 (MUSES-SnS Pro) or 6 (MUSES-SnS Lite)
  • Full spectral cube scanning time: 0s
  • Spectral image display: 24 images @ video rates (MUSES-SnS Pro) or 6 images (MUSES-SnS Lite)
  • Spatial resolution/band: 6-megapixels (typical) 
  • Number of spectra per spectral cube: 6 million 
  • Mechanical scanning: not required 
  • Lens thread: c-mount, adapts direct to all lenses, microscopes and telescopes
  • Calibration: automatic 
  • Chromatic aberrations: corrected
  • Software: supervised and unsupervised classifiers, video rate spectral and VI mapping 
  • Modes of operation: Transmission, reflection, fluorescence
  • Weight: 450g      


MUSES9 Camera Hyperspectral Imaging Applications, Remote sensing, Drone imaging, Marine imaging, Minerology, Plant pathology, Microscopy, Artwork nondestructive testing, Archeology, Food quality, Forensics, Biomedicine

Remote sensing

Drone imaging

Marine imaging 

Plant pathology 


Artwork nondestructive testing


Food quality



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